Hi, I'm a new member and have something important to share. I lost around

$180,000 to casinos. It almost ruined my life and my wife divorced me. I had a

serious gambling problem I could not deal with. The casinos did not care of


I could accept the financial loss but think casinos need to be accountable when

someone has a gambling problem as I did. I still looked for a way to see if I

could make the money back from them.

In my research I found mostly scams gambling systems that did not work, or

illegal ways to cheat. But I needed a legal way to win.

Now I have found a completely free way to win in the casino and I want to share

it with you so you can take money back from casinos. It is free and I dont have

anything to gain except satisfaction that the casinos will lose money. I have

not made back all of my money with it yet, but I made enough to know it really

works. I can make usually about $1000 each time I play. The key is not being

detected or the casino change the rules on you.

It is a roulette system and there are many news articles about it. Three

professional players won $1.3M in a few days of play. It was in the news and

happened in the Ritz casino London. This is not the end of roulette because now

casinos are changing the rules, but still players are winning before the


Moderators, please leave this post. I am not selling anything. Casinos do real

damage to people and everyone should know about this.

I dont want to give the exact web address of the free system in case it upsets

the creator, but to download it visit FREE Winning Roulette System and follow the

link. It is mostly in a youtube video but it is harder to find on youtube so

better to follow the links first. If the link doesnt work you can try search for

it called genuine winner. There is a smear campaign against it from casino

owners because it works and is free.

I am trying to tell as many people as possible about this. Casinos nearly ruined

my life and it would be great if you could help share my story and the link.

I am sorry if the post here is not welcome but I am just trying to help people.