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Thread: Inserting interesting title in progress

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    Inserting interesting title in progress

    Well, hey there. You probably noticed that I'm not good when it comes to introductions, so I'll just present myself through the classic method.

    First of all, my name's Clarissa and the fact that I'm very patriotic tells me not to specify where I come from.

    Secondly, I quess you are more interested in my anime preferences than in random things about my personality. Am I right ?
    I'm a Claymore, Welcome to the NHK, Lovely Complex, Basilisk fan. As for on- going series, I'm currently watching Bleach, Naruto Shippuuden and Kimi ni todoke.
    I'm not selective regarding genres, but my favourite is comedy.

    If you are curious about something else, just ask me ^^

    P.S: I'm not a native speaker so, please, pardon my english, I'm trying to improve.

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    Re: Inserting interesting title in progress

    Aw man, no ones welcomed you yet? So you probably thought your interesting title was an epic fail. But it wasn't. One of the more interest titles to a thread I've seen

    Im more interested in random facts about your personality than I am about your anime preferences.

    And for English not being your 1st language, you write it better than many people I encounter... and certainly better than 80% of the members of this forum.

    Welcome... and since you kinda rubbed me the right way, and I want you to stick around... I should probably remind you to read the rules well, and follow them
    ... Not Ever Again...

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