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Thread: Introduce Yourself

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    Introduce Yourself

    Why do I have to introduce my self??? Gods... this fells like some first day in some school and the new kid is gonna present him self. Ok, now I can stop whinning like a bi***k and make an introduction.
    I'm ** years old (never ask a female her age! learn some manners...)
    I like... a lot of things that includes anime (if i didn't why register to ANIMEonline? Geez...)
    I give no physicol apparence since everyone online is handsome/beautiful and... stop!
    I hope to have fun with all of you and... Yes! Okok is the coolest nickname of the web! (Just how much I love my self?)
    Let's stop this madness and... bye!

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    Re: Introduce Yourself

    welcome to AO Okok-chan, first day of school? is it really that bad?
    Hey, i do knight rituals now, just ask me and you can be a knight of Dalmasca

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