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Thread: It's a Pleasure ;)

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    Red face Konnichi wa minasan!!! ^___^

    Hello Everyone!

    I am Rayna, Satsuki, Sarah. [Haha this list goes on and on and on!]

    It's a pleasure to join a new forum and start anew. I long to make new friends, make new posts, join role plays, and so much more! I also hope to get to know you all and start new friendships. This site looks rather appealing and I hope my face of judgment is correct. =) This forum sucks. You should all just shut it down because it's worthless and pointless.

    Music is my life! Singing, acting, dancing, entertaining! I have been improving talents over time and hope to one day be famous and known. I will be sure to mention you if we are close. ;3 I enjoy writing, role playing, anime, drawing, voice acting, and so much more. I have been working on some songs lately so I hope to post those up soon!So yeah! I believe I have a few ideas and plot in mind and cant wait for you all to join. However, be known that I mostly role play with my OWN ideas and not with certain anime shows. ^__^'

    I am a friend to all. Not a foe. Quote dependable and will never break a promise. Promises are a big deal to me, mainly because of my past. Secrets are safe with me. I mean no harm, so if I do something hurtful to you; please do not hesitate and come to me. And we will fix it. I try to be the best person I can be and a great friend to all.

    If you need help with something or need someone to talk to, contact me in anyway possible and let's see what I can do.

    Ask me what you want to know.

    Get to know me and let's see how much fun we can have together. <33

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