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Thread: Just another member of the family! ^.^

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    Well.. Idk. O.o Ask Little Washu (Mommy).. She would know. :D
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    Talking Just another member of the family! ^.^

    Well, hi there everyone!!!

    Call me Kaon ^.^

    The full name is Kaon Hakubi, and I'm at your service! ^.^ Recognize the last name, eh? Haha, well, that's because I'm Little Washu's second daughter!

    Well.. Er, I like to think I am.
    To put it simply:

    I'm a MegaTenchiFan.
    Washu and Ryoko are my absolute favorite characters, and I always RolePlay or play games under the name Kaon Hakubi because if I were related in some way.. That'd be my name. I'm sure of it. Haha.

    To tell about myself.. I'd have to put this simply once more:

    Haha. I'm a writer, so I write a ton of Tenchi fics. ^.^ Mainly Washu, Ryoko, and Kaon centered. o.o (Does that make me vain..?)

    I'm almost 20 ^.^
    Realistically, I'm in college. :3
    I'm an aspiring artist.

    Well.. I don't know what else to put. haha. SO.
    Message me, lets talk!!!
    Ah well. Another battle lost.. THAT'S the story of my life..

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    Re: Just another member of the family! ^.^

    Hello there Kaon, nice to meet you : ).

    Welcome to the forums, I hope you settle in well and have an enjoyable stay : )

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