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Thread: just please delete this thread PLEASE!! (really???)

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    just please delete this thread PLEASE!! (really???)

    My name is Cee Cee. I think I hate intro threads more than Windows Vista (And that's a lot)

    I like sports. A lot. If a game is on, don't bother me. If it's something important, submit it in writing and I'll see what's up during a commercial. I like anime, video games, food, cinema, comics, martial arts, smilies (if you couldn't tell already), science, writing, music, food, arts & crafts, drinking, bartending, and DDR. I'm a coffeeholic. Seriously I prefer coffee over guys. I think it's the best thing since. . . . a ton of things. (On average I drink 8 cups a day)

    I work as a Administrator's Assistant, setting up computer labs, fixing computers, telling 50+ year old men how to send an email with an attachment, trying to figure out why every time I call Apple or Dell there's never a woman on the other end, despising all things Vista, and my favorite: trying to explain my job to someone that thinks when I say Apple I mean apples that you eat. (Sadly, this is the person that secures money for my department.)
    Moving on, for my other job I teach ESL 2-4 hours a week. And if necessary I bartend. (Although since I make a lot more money bartending than anything else, maybe I should just do that. . . more often.) And actually if it weren't for the state of the economy right now . . . . I'd probably be looking into self employment because I can't stand one of my bosses and the kids could get a saint sent to Hades (the irony lies in the fact that the organization is based inside a Church). . . . .

    I'm one of the least romantic girls in the history of girls. I cried watching the Titanic because it was the longest most boring 3 hours of my life. My idea of a romantic movie is something with blood, guts, and or gore (hint: Rambo). (This speaks volumes about my personality). . . .
    I'm a bio major. . . I'm an English minor. . . I'm working on my ESL certificate. . . I fulfilled my philosophy minor reqs. . . . . so basically I am the brokest college student ever.
    I've done a ton of traveling. . . . so now I hate traveling.
    I've had tons of odd jobs. . . so I know tons of random stuff. . . .
    I'm weird, I do random stuff, people think I'm nuts (and one week out of the month I most certainly am). I once threw up on a guy's shoe because he was the cutest thing ever, my head started spinning . . . I lost a days worth of food. I don't watch reality TV. I'm allergic to republicans, dumb blondes, stupid people, bad tasting food, horrible parents, vomit colored girls' bathrooms. . . . .

    Errr. . . since this is an anime forum. I like mecha (anything Gundam, Dragonar, Super Robot Wars, Escaflowne, Canidate for Goddess, and Fang of the Sun Dougram);action (Rurouni Kenshin, Ninja Scroll, Samurai X, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Tenchi, Iria, and Blood +, Hellsing, etc.); paranormal (tokko, Paranoia Agent). And lastly I've got a soft spot for these: Cyborg 009, Blue Sub. No.6, One Piece, and Groove Adventure Rave.

    So umm. . . . if there's anything else you need to know do NOT ask just speculate

    Seriously (Mods, look at the title of this thread and do the forum a favor)

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    Re: just please delete this thread PLEASE!!

    Hey welcome. Just wondering how old are you anyway?

    FYI: I figured you liked sports since chapstick is your only beauty secret! Because playing sports wearing makeup is a horrible combination. lol

    Signature is a Gwenibe original.

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    Re: just please delete this thread PLEASE!! (really???)

    Welcome to AnimeOnline. You seem like our kind of Crazy.

    And... No.

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    Re: just please delete this thread PLEASE!! (really???)

    Quote Originally Posted by aceman67 View Post
    Welcome to AnimeOnline. You seem like our kind of Crazy.
    Just what we want here! (really???)

    Anywho, welcome on board. Have fun and stuff.
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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