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Mulberry sale Hallowed by the aura of Shri Krishna, Mathura resounds with the call of “Shri Radhe Radhe” wherever you turn your ear. As you pass through the lanes of the city, you can feel the augmented presence of Lord Krishna everywhere. You will breathe in the pure fragrance of sandalwood, flowers and incense sticks. At no point of time, this feeling will go out of your head that you are in the holy land where the most endearing of the Hindu Gods, Lord Krishna was born. He is fondly remembered for his universal charm and his mischievous pranks. Once a less known town transformed into a world known place of faith after Shri Krishna was born here and revealed the supreme truths of life to the world. Mathura- Vrindavan is still redolent with the music of his flute. Not just Mathura, the neighboring towns too still echoes with His enchantment.

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