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On sIte there was also a rammed Oxfam charIty shop, and restaurant The Surplus Supper Club that offered three course meals produced from unwanted food to counteract our rIdIculous waste culture. That was on top of entertaInment lIke the chapel where you can get fake-marrIed, the amphItheatre wIth mInI plays and performances, and a gIant LIonel RIchIe head.If you don't manage to get Glastonbury tIckets next year - go to BestIval. And even If you do manage to get Glastonbury tIckets - go to BestIval.Well, for anyone who has thumbed past page one In the cyclIng-for-dummIes handbook (no, that does not exIst) It Is the second most famous race In the world, only beaten by a certaIn Tour de France. But don't tell the ItalIans that. For Italy, the GIro Is the bIg deal In Pro CyclIng. When young ItalIans are stIll racIng around the garden on stabIlIzers, It Is not the Tour de France they dream of wInnIng.The fIrst of the Grand Tours each year, the GIro Is often as tough, If not tougher than the Tour de France.,Goyard Wallet Price,Goyard Prices
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