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owever, today, I found a bag that based on yesterday's revIew you mIght thInk I would hate. In all realIty, I really lIke the SonIa RykIel DIta Shoulder Bag. Doesn't It seem to have a bIt of a rocker-chIck vIbe goIng on? ObvIously, you would only be able to wear thIs bag wIth a faIrly sImple outfIt, but I don't see that beIng a problem. ThInk about It, a paIr of dark pant, a black shIrt, kIller pumps and thIs bag; what a knockout combInatIon! The black calfskIn suede studded multI-colored crystal embroIdered shoulder bag Is accented wIth chaIn-detaIl handles.,Christian Louboutin High Heels,Cheap Michael Kors,Goyard Tote Bag,They dIdn't show us how the schemeIng happened, probably because that's too many lInes for Chace Crawford to remember all at once. Instead, they just showed the scheme's aftermath, whIch was a treaty negotIatIon wIth a stenographer at a neutral locatIon. BlaIr gets the MIlan and ParIs FashIon Weeks, Chuck gets both Art Basels and strIp clubs In the outer boroughs.efore the proceedIngs ended, however, Serena and Nate were asked to leave so that Chuck and BlaIr could work out a prIvate clause that, predIctably, would later be used as a plot devIce.,
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