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Thread: Konbanwa!!!

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    Hello... I am a newbie to Anime Online and am looking for like minded individuals. So, therefore, let me introduce myself... I am a part Japanese otaku that loves all sorts of anime, manga, video games... some of my favorites are: Aa! Megami-sama (manga and anime), Dead or Alive (video game[I wish they had an anime... although, the movie was halfway decent]), Bleach (anime and manga), Genshiken(manga), Samurai Deeper Kyo (manga, I havent seen the anime yet), Samurai Champloo(anime and manga), and many others... although, my absolute favorite anime and manga of all time has to be Tenjho Tenge!!! If anyone out there would like to chat, please answer this post or shoot me a pm.

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    Re: Konbanwa!!!

    Hello! It's nice to meet you and welcome to AO. If you like anime or just talking in general than you will definitely like it here. I hope you have tons of fun and make many friends. If you ever want to chat feel free to PM me. See ya in the forums!

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    Re: Konbanwa!!!

    Hi hi!
    Hooray for Otaku! ^_^
    You have good taste in anime. Samurai Deeper Kyo rockss my socksss. ^_^
    PM me anytime if you need help.
    Have fun at AO! ^_^

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    Re: Konbanwa!!!

    Another fan of BLEACH?

    Welcome to AO!

    I'm Aya-kun, commonly known as sheep.

    Please obey the rules and go make lots of friends! <^w^>/ Baa~!
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