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Thread: Konichiwa ^^

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    Konichiwa ^^

    Yo! I am Peachgirl, so named because it is one of my most favourite anime of all time (it is so far anyway). The ending is perfect- one of the few that has ever had a completely satisfying ending in my opinion.

    I have seen many anime and read even more manga, which seems to be my preference. Makes sense for a bookworm like me I guess.
    Ah, yes that's right- I love reading. I don't just read manga (although a huge amount of what I read is). My favourite types of book are fantasy genre ones, the sort you can get lost in and forget about reality, you know? I am a big Harry Potter fan. I love Disney, in fact I am the disney queen- so dubbed by my friends. I also love singing constantly.

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    Re: Konichiwa ^^

    welcome lol im also a harry potter fan my fav book was the last one and have fun remember tha rule and PM me if ya wanna tlk
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    Re: Konichiwa ^^

    You sound almost like me . . . only not. Welcome to AO! If you ever wish to talk, just PM me. And might I recommend Terry Pratchett books? They will have you rolling in your seat!

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