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Thread: Konichiwa I'm new

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    Konichiwa I'm new

    Hiya everyone, im new here. Well, just wanted to say i think this site is pretty cool so far. If you have any tips or any help you could give me i would appreciate it. About me- I live in california, u.s. my names Audrey and im 14. Im a HUMUNGOUS anime freak and narutard. So yeah, if you want to be get to know me or be my friend just drop me a message or request. thanks....
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    Re: Konichiwa I'm new

    Well congraduations; ha-ha! Welcome to the never ending site of newbies!

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    Re: Konichiwa I'm new

    Well hello there and welcome to Anime Online, I do hope that you will enjoy your time here and if you have any questions or anything than feel free to ask. Dont forget to read up on the FAQs and Rules either.

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    Re: Konichiwa I'm new

    hey welcome to ao please have fun'
    And remember to read the rules
    Is you need any advice you can opm or pm the mods and admins

    great sig by Lasura thanks heaps

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