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Thread: Konnichiwa!

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    Konnichiwa! Hajimemashite! Just call me Bryan. Well, where to start (I'm seriously thinking about copying/pasting from my other forums right now XD). But I won't do that......

    I generally like all kinds of anime. Most recently my craving is shoujo/comedy. I like shounen anime too. My favorite anime is Ouran Koukou Host Club. I also like Special A, Naruto: Shippuuden, DBZ, Victorian Romance Emma, Nodame Cantabile, La Corda d'Oro, and LOTS of others.

    I'm a serious otaku. So much to the point that I've almost permanently replaced some English words with Japanese words in their place XD

    Well, I hope I get to know you all, and I'll try my best to become an active user! =3

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    Re: Konnichiwa!

    yo!bryan...welcome to AO...my name fiqx can call me fiqx...hehe...if you need help or just want to talk with someone,you can PM me...see you around...

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    Re: Konnichiwa!

    Greetings Byran! Hope you like it here and decide to become an active member, just remember all good active members read the rules.

    Signature is a Gwenibe original.

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