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chanel handbags Five years and counting: Volunteer Aid Nepal makes it easy for others to make a meaningful difference by volunteering for a number of humanitarian causes in local, Nepalese communities. Established under the Nepalese Organization Act of 1977, Volunteer Aid Nepal continues to help individuals from diverse backgrounds “see the world with purpose” by providing valuable, safe and affordable volunteering opportunities. The Volunteer Aid Nepal program (Volunteer in Nepal ? Orphanage, Medical, Teaching, Monastery Projects) is open to students, private groups, families, couples, professionals and individuals. Volunteers have the opportunity to make a difference in areas such as orphanage support/childcare, healthcare and medical aid, social research, community building and construction, Information Technology education, organic agricultural practices, youth capacity development, as well as teach English in Nepal in schools and Buddhist Monasteries. “We welcome volunteers from around the world [who are] willing to contribute their time, resources, and skills to support various grassroots projects,” says Bhuvan Poudel, Volunteer Aid Nepal company spokesperson. “We work to ensure our volunteers have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the peoples and communities of Nepal, and in return enjoy a memorable and life-changing experience.” The organization’s volunteering efforts are critical to the betterment of Nepalese society, continues Poudel, which is why Volunteer Aid Nepal continuously seeks quality volunteer support. The program fee for a month-long volunteer program is US $550 and $75 thereafter for each additional week. Program fees cover a volunteer’s costs for meals, accommodation and transportation, program induction and the popular Kathmandu sightseeing tour. Anyone willing to volunteer in Nepal can submit an application online. Once approved, the applicant will receive a Volunteer Information Booklet and support from staff to prepare for the volunteer trip. More information is available on the company website (Volunteer in Nepal ? Orphanage, Medical, Teaching, Monastery Projects). Volunteer Aid Nepal, is a non-governmental organization based in Nepal offering quality, safe and affordable volunteer opportunities to students, career breakers, private groups, families, couples, professionals and individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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