Can ever since that time tree fruit test outside to read a military school, the variety happened to all theses all.The hair donkey no longer listens to our to order, all day don't eat not to drink, the body is very weak, still just Duo water road up dashed to pieces water cart, then a disease doesn't rise.We see in the eye, urgently and in mind, but don't dare to resort to violence to it, have to write a letter for the tree fruit out of the mountain, tell him the bad temper of hair donkey.Which know to put donkey boy the letter in reply tells us-remember fondly is a kind of disease, time can dilute everything, but blunt the not thin hair donkey is for remembering fondly a person.He says to work hard for summer vacation back to see hair donkey.
day, I receive a package that the mailman delivers, there is also a remittance list, I and wife's in the minds are all very strange, in this unfamiliar city, is can't someone thus take care of ours, open, but discover to is all clothes that the kid wears, there is small hat, small shoe, the small bell Dang , on that bank draft list, write 2,000 dollars.
er to give birth to a son, then make the elder sister pack to go crazy.Because press the policy, if husband and wife's girl's sons and daughters are disable and sick, can with reborn 1.The Mom and Dad then make the elder sister pack to go crazy.The Mom and Dad forbid elder sister to wash face, forbid elder sister to comb hair and forbid elder sister to say with other people a words.Once the elder sister talk, mama dozen elder sister, what elder sister suppressed is suffered, oneself only talks with himself or herself.
Yang Li Mang a day, suddenly receive a bad news before getting off work:The head office urgently notifies to stop to invite new employee."This not is play us?"Taking part in the accepting appointment of practice s is very dissatisfied, Yang Li still at become the document of heap in busy.The minister politely says to her:"Is really ashamed, let you worked in vain to live for a day ……get off work, go home quickly.Tomorrow need not come."
The time on September 25, my book has been already finished writing.Led to run into that classmate in the campus for two Derrick Rose Jersey days, ask him judicatory to examine how, he shakes Throwback Bulls Uniforms a head Rajon Rondo Jersey to say:"After going home always have old schoolmate to seek me to have fun, have no how to review, didn't pass this time, wasted several hundred dollars to register a fee.Say again next time."
That day, once had supper, to blessing the Peng that the prosperous wealth pull up work, low voice says, everyone goes to dance hall, you how is that die brains, is one individual foolish to sleep to greatly feel here?Go to, we together go.To blessing about 40 years old, come out to be a peasant worker to have five years.In the village, press lakers jersey outlet the status of a generation, the wealth is prosperous to call his an uncle.Besides, the wealth is prosperous to arrive to save city to be a building work, still to the achievement of blessing.To the words of blessing, the wealth is prosperous to listen to.

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