In the evening, the wife tears open envelope, inside what also not BE, Be just a formal invitation.This is the day before yesterday bureau chief piece to border on a county conference, meet my[one] old schoolmate that wants two marriages, conveniently the Shao gives mine.
ays:"You get off work the school come a , some matters want to discuss with you."I ask again is what matter, teacher Wang says canning not remembering clearly Chu on the telephone, hading better go for a while.With the intuition, affirmation is and son of"sudden wealth" relevant.I hurriedly rush through in the past, fruit not anticipate.Originally, the son is a long 1 class, particularly take care of class discipline, be late and leave early, have a class to talk what of, all stick down, release from school to hand over teacher Wang's processing every day.Which miss a son but open back door for classmate, a piece of money sells once.Teacher Wang has been investigated, get the conclusion of BE:1020 students succeed in escaping a class of rules punishment.The son takes bribe 45 dollars and gives 2 old Dwyane Wade Jersey customers special 7 dollars among them.Take leave teacher Wang, LeBron James Jersey on the way home, my side walks side to think and more want to more hate:"Just read grade four, like this returned?"My decision was good friends with well and fixed him.
Return to a house, I an once pulled a son, is just wanting to carry on scathing critique education to him, the wife blocks me and find out a circumstance not not only angry behind, on the contrary clap the son's head to say:"Our son has economic brains, worth happy!"I ignore this set of, raised a palm.At this time, the door bell rang, I had to with reluctance let go of hand.The wife opens the door and walks to come in a big middle age man.Need not ask, his affirmation is a fatty Zi, and bureau chief piece once spoke for me before being on business the day before yesterday.After the etiquette handshake, I bear temperament to listen to he gossip irresponsibly a , just not cold not hot ground of say:"Your business son, bureau chief piece once says, I lately appeared on stage difficult to do which!"Fatty Zi what don't also say, from wrap in took out an envelope:"This I comprehend, this is my cousin bureau chief piece to give your letter.I in a couple of days come to visit again."See me not to answer, the fatty Zi gave a wife.Send to walk fatty Zi, I again pull to miss the stop at the son of one side, the palm again raises.Which think that the son jilts to open my hand, Du wear mouth, the Chou wears the envelope in the wife's hand to say:"Handling affairs for money is what your adult says, I am right!""What does your a kid understand?These are the letter that the other people give your daddy."The wife cannots help but an explanation.Don't think, son Xi Xi a smile:"Past of I once saw, when don't I know?"I have no speech with wife with to, in every aspect and mutually Qu.The palm that I raise stops in the sky, the along while beats not to come down.
The ah is really a yellow mud to stick crotch of trousers, not an excrement is al

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