Arrive at a knoll head, old takes out Gao Bei's telescope to in earnest and every where observe, discover have no unusually after, this just breath a sigh of relief.Then, he towards Tashan to wear throat to threaten:"Ao Mao, Ao Mao ……I came."He really wants to say with others, but top of hill Dwyane Wade Jersey no one, square circle b0 kilometers all have no signs of human being, he only he "roar"ed to let he Tim Hardaway Jersey listen to.But his voice isn't wonderful, he roars several voices to discourage ground to give up.Suddenly, a burst of Hua of the voice spread, he follows reputation to go, stunned speechless, sees 7, 8 boars rounded to come over to him and saw appearance biggestly have more than b00 kilograms heavy, minimum of also have 4, 50 kilograms to weigh.At leave oneself's more than ten place with far steps are more than ten Zhangs high overhanging cliffs, having already had no way out can walk.He holds breath and endures to drill the ache of heart and hide into a flank of Yi needle cluster inside, let a passage make the boar past.Until these boars are from the view in disappear, he just slowly climb out.
Have the thinking method that create the function dint generally be called the right brain non- language to express a thinking method(the emotion keeps view thinking), is also the meaning that carries on a thinking through a sketch image.With of contrary, always need language to get involved a then left brain expression of the thinking method of expression method, be called the left brain language expression type thinking way.(abstract generalize thinking)But in spite of do what, is pure to use right brain or left brains can not get a decent result.
Wang Ke goes home, that painting became must and all pinned up all walls, numerous eyes, all and toghter stare at him, make him greatly terrified.In the evening, sleep on the bed, the on all sides wall is also full with eyes, be like the sky closely of stars.Each night, Wang Ke has to drill into the underneath side of a quilt, and dress but sleep.Sometimes, the wife wants to be as warm and affectionate as he, he says, so many eyes looking at a mile, ashamed.Say to is a sleeping, in fact Wang Ke sleeps not good, the sky isn't bright and then climbs, break out of family.Walk in the road gone to work, he usually turns head, one face of surprised fear to, he fears that those eyes will keep up with by himself/herself.One day, he discovers, those eyes really kept up with him, very big one, be like all over the place rolling dry skeleton.

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