he sacs ?* main longchamp was the founder Longchamp of the shoe company obviously derived from 'skill', referring sac sacs ?* main longchamp to skill in some type of online sac Longchamp game or programming/hacking. Many times used in conjunction with 'm4d'. As a general rule, if one has sk1llz, one is to be ph33r3d. mad, mostly used as a descriptive term meaning great, for example, "h3s g0t m4d sk1llz".

Ooh! Religious debate! Can I play? *clears throat* On the Matter of Christianity sac sacs ?* main longchamp and Judaism I'll start at the beginning. The event that split those two religions was the birth of Christ, right? However, Jesus was a Jew. Sooo, Jesus believed in the Jewish god, Yawe, Jehovah, whatever. So Christians and Jews believe in the same god (and if anyone disagrees, then speak up and I'll disprove sac Longchamp you). HOWEVER, Christians believe that all believers of a different faith must spend eternity in Hell, the worst pain imaginable and then some (no wait, and then infinity) simply because they believe differently. Sooo, EVEN THOUGH Jews and Christians believe in and worship the same god (albeit with different names), Christians believe that Jews must go to Hell. Even though they worship the SAME GOD. What's with that? Will a Christian please tell me why that is?
this relevance is based on the content written sac longchamps pliage on a Longchamp website