"My mom was obsessed with Steve McQueen," Dorff says. Hotel room, the genial 37yearold actor sports the same stubbled visage, Tshirt, faded jeans, and work boots as his Somewhere alter ego. All that's missing is a cigarette. If you could describe your style as a flavor of popcorn, what would it be and why? and Coconut for its bright, vibrant colors and complex mixture of complementary elements because when it comes to fashion, I love mixing highlow; vintage pieces with new items. Fleur de Sel Caramel because it's a modern twist on a classic (enough said?). Pimenton de La Vera is an international version of American barbecue, and I see myself in that flavor..

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With an eye for fashion, Jessica Simpson has consistently been a celebrity to watch for inspiration about trends and beauty. Her initial venture into the fashion industry was through her Jessica Simpson Collection which features handbags and shoes (mostly highheeled). The designs are classic but given a modern twist through the use of different colours and embellishments..

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You think, having bushels of fresh corn, we would have eaten it for days during the brief summer corn harvest, but very few ears were set aside for immediate consumption. We did eat some of it creamed, and whole ears deepfried. When I tell friends about deepfried (unbattered) ears of corn, they stare at me, dumbfounded.

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