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    you would like to know wouldn't you ^^
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    Talking ...-mew-

    hey there, nice to meet everyone, just so you know, i am very cat like, and cat's tend to rule my work, and well, so yea...cats lol...anyways, hope to post some work up soon, if not, sorry, i tend to be very lazy, and get very bored very quickly sometimes lol. so if your expecting something from me wait a long time, i'm slow. can't wait to see everyones stuff-shrugs and yawns- nice to meet you all, and you can call me by anything really, i have a name in every language, but universally i'm know as cat-girl, for a long time i was called neko, so i guess i should change tradition ya know, so call me Neko...ok...this introduction isn't making any sense.... i should stop now...

    -starts over-
    Hi everyone! i hope to make lots of friends and read lots of great art work and lots of people will read my stuff and give me great critasizm that will help me to improve as i explore the world of manga! ^^

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    Re: ...-mew-

    Hahaha, it is very odd... people refer to me as Neko as well! It is a pleasure to meet you.
    "I am chasing someone without a name or a face. He will hear me, but will never see me coming. And when I find him, I will show him what Justice truly means."
    ~ L, Death Note

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