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Thread: Missed AO

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    Missed AO

    Hi haven't seen everyone in a while(almost 3 months) but I truly missed you guys! Anywho for those who don't know me I'm darkninja and AO is where I first started to learn about rp. And since then I enjoyed rping and now own quite a couple of sites.

    *gives thanx to AO*

    Anyway I thought I'd stop by and say hello and that its my last year of SCHOOL!!!!!!! I made it baby!!!!!

    Plus once I finish I MIGHT be playing for the band REV FRIKIN THEORY!?

    *Rev Theory*

    But back on topic, hopefully I'll be back on AO full time and meet the new people that joined AO WHICH IS A FREAKIN AWESOME SITE!!!

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    Re: Missed AO

    Welcome back to the site. I hope you find just as much fun here now, as you did before you left.

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