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Thread: my intro

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    Cool Re: my intro


    I'm Zainab, nice to meet you ^_^

    I hope you have a great time staying with the A.O family as you are officially a part of the family now.

    Post, Post and Post!

    Hope we can be friends, Need help? P.M me and I'll help you with what I know, or we can talk and talk etc.


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    Re: my intro

    Well hi and welcome to AO!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it here and make lots of friends plus NICE TO MEET YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!! Remember to read the rules and have fun!

    Very interesting about the
    9000 members!!! So cool!
    Well I welcome you
    again! And need
    help than just
    PM ok!

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    Re: my intro

    Hey there, I see from your avatar that you like Wolfs Rain. I like it as well. My favorite was Spike.

    Well welcome to our little world of AO. I love it here, I know you will love it as well. Drop by my profile page sometime. If you like what you see PM me sometime.

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    Re: my intro

    Whazzup?! Welcome ta AO. If ever u need a friend, jus' PM me. Later.

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    Re: my intro

    Welcome to AO, if you need help with anything then let know ok

    Enjoy it here and read the rules.
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    Re: my intro

    Hello.. welcome to AO.

    Hope you have fun and make new friends. Read the rules.. it’ll help you out a lot. ^-^ Pm me if you ever wanna talk or something. My doors always open. ^-^ Hope to see you around~!

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    Re: my intro

    this is amazing. i posted this and was the newest member a few days ago(2) but now there are like seven other intros from new people. i find this amazing.

    anyway, thanks to you all for the welcome.
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