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Thread: name's aka tanken

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    name's aka tanken

    my name's Aka tanken. The Aka in my name is not the acromyn for "also known as" but japanese for red. Tanken is japanese for dagger but, also exploration and hour hand.

    my favourite animes are code geass, deathnote, gundam wing, naruto, bleach, gin tama, yu yu hakusho, fullmetal alchemist, black cat, dragonball z and prince of tennis. the first anime i ever watched was Dragonballz. i finished watching many of my anime series. i like animes with action, some humour and can be serious at times. if you know any anime series you think i might like please tell me. im open to suggestions.

    i only know kaki tori kaizoku who referred me. so im looking for people to be friends with.

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    Re: name's aka tanken

    Well if you like action, than a good anime would most likely be Blood+, i liked it, plus it has lots of horror scenes as some would say, but it is definitely interesting... and if you like vampire stuff than you should check out Vampire Knight, that's also a good series. Btw, you can call me Kagome.

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