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Thread: New Boi!

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    Cool New Boi!

    Well, First Post, Hmm....Well, I see..Its late, and, Im not quite sure what to put here. buuuuuuuttt. I'll say a few things, Great to Be here, Looking forward to sharing some of my literature w/ you guyz(poems/freestyle). Think I Might Stay A while . If you need some Friendly company, or just an intelligent conversation,,orrrrrrrrrrr maybe, just maybe, you want to lose your mind for a while! This guy, ->right here<- luv's to keep the people'z smilin'. So, herez a smile to all of you tonight!!! In Hopes you pass it on to someone else.
    See You Round,Or Maybe Up N' Down, See You in the forum's!

    ~P34C3 & L0V3~

    Your's Truly,
    ~₪ ßſ£ŊŦ₪

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    Re: New Boi!

    I'll admit that when I read the title before clicking on it, I thought it said, "New Boil!" I thought to myself, "That's sick! I'm gonna click it!" LOL.

    Welcome to AO! I hope you enjoy it here.

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    Re: New Boi!

    yay XD more new ppl ^^
    welcome to AO
    have fun and enjoy yourself k?
    death and life are one and the same

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