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Thread: New here, the site looks great

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    Re: New here, the site looks great

    Guitar mostly, I can play Bass just as well. I took a year course at the Berkley collage of music majoring in the areas of guitar, studio recording, promotion and business in the music industry and music theory.

    No big breaks for me though, I've recorded numerous demos, toured around with a few bands that were good enough in which we opened for acts like Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Napalm Death and Clutch. We even played the House of Blues in Chicago Illinois twice, all of the experiences I've had like that were all good times, hard work but good times on stage.

    Thing is these days the industry is fraught with strife and crap, it's pretty much corrupt and very hard to get into. And well my style of playing everyone says is out dated as heck(for lack of better word), my "style" is an accumulation of Shred, Speed Metal and Melodic Instrumental. All in all I got my sound from music I grew up on, Megadeth, Steve Vai, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath and a bunch of others.

    I like a melodic approach mixed with old school metal, I can go from beautiful to very intricate staggered staccato aggressive melt your face screaming stuff lmao. I'm an old dinosaur...I admit it, I'm one of the last old school head bangers that plays some of the most difficult crap on earth and am pretty darn proud of it.
    Things that used to be will never be again, move on and find new ambitions in the world.

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    Re: New here, the site looks great

    Quote Originally Posted by Magnus Vermillion View Post
    New here, for personal details if interested check my profile etc. I'm 27 and a musician of 21 years, I have a penchant for anime and well might be one of the oldest here if not the oldest lol. Some think it odd for me to be showing up at a place like this, but hey...us musicians are odd to begin with lol.

    Glad to be here, looking to make some friends and all, maybe there are some here interested in guitar and music as much as I am into it.

    Later ppl!
    hello there pm me anytime if u wanna chat...etc..ok ^.^ i wont bite

    -".. Chase the morning, yield for nothing."

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    Re: New here, the site looks great

    Welcome to AO!! Hope that you're enjoying it here. If you have questions or anything dont hesitate to ask us. ^^
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