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Thread: Newbie Here..

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    Newbie yuki kawaii is off to a good start yuki kawaii's Avatar
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    Smile Newbie Here..

    Hajimemashite minna..
    Atashi wa Aru desu, though my name is Alfie in indonesian, but just call me Aru-kun *though i'm a girl*, hahahaha..

    Truth i'm not newbie in here, coz something, i cannot OL for year ago, gomen nasai minna .
    but i think, i'll having fun in here, so, onegaishimasu minna .

    yoroshiku ne..~ XD

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    Otaku Brandon Grave Heat is off to a good start
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    Re: Newbie Here..

    welcome to the board, and to the AO family I am Brandon grave heat.

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