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Thread: Not new but haven't been around.

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    Not new but haven't been around.

    So, I tried to come online the other day after not being online for an extremely long time but for the life of me could not remember my password or email used so I made a new account. Any mods willing to help me get my old account back it would be appreciated. Moving on - I was previously known as brokenlover101 on here so if any of my old friends are still lurking around be sure to drop a message and let me know what's been going on with you. As for all the new folks on here, it's a pleasure to meet you all and don't be afraid to say hi. I don't bite.. too hard anyway~ cheers.

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    Re: Not new but haven't been around.

    Wow, i'm sorry to hear that, but it's good that you're back, so welcome back.

    I'm not sure if you'll be able to get your old account back, since it's been pretty dead here :/, but I hope you enjoy it here anyway.
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