From the autumn, the leaves of many trees began to yellow fall, winter, almost wandering and exhausted, but there is always some leaves hanging in the branches, swaying in the wind, do not fall into Chunni to mulch. These leaves are so different, or that some alternative, watching them stubbornly unwilling to follow the crowd, always give me some thoughts.
Slide the window , hugging himself, whom tearful embrace the faith .
Down the river, the river has a lawn flattened. With classical music has long been a group of fans get sword dance lovers monopolized. With the hazy night, on the willow, dance accompanied by gently flowing river. Huihe will no longer be lonely, merrily glowing ripples. Then the frogs are sure to join in the fun. Gaze drifted away from the beautiful water drain posture, intuitively feel her beauty. With the heart to taste the sounds of nature. A breeze, floated the river plume of fragrance, I was intoxicated.

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