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Thread: Oh my,Hello there everyone.. >w<!!

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    Oh my,Hello there everyone.. >w<!!

    It seems that I am a tad new and I am quite interested in seeing what this website is about...!!
    I am quite pleased to see there is a large quantity of such colorful minded people!
    I really hope to make friends, learn of new anime and hopefully a variety of other things!
    I am 18, Male, and my favorite anime is yes..SailorMoon. It is just TOPS for me for many reasons but I won't get started on that.
    I am also a gamer, I play the ocarina annnd uhhh, I am running out of things to say.. x 3x;;

    So yes, Again I must restate I am pleased to be here! <3


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    Re: Oh my,Hello there everyone.. >w<!!

    hello you tooo.
    Nice to meet you.
    It is my great pleasure.

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