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Thread: ohai guise I'm new whatsup

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    ohai guise I'm new whatsup

    Okay, well not really new but sorta am I have recently been getting into browsing and making new friends on Internet forums. I joined up this site called Gametrailers in March and I got bored of it and now I wanted to find other forums and I suddenly remembered making an account here ages ago... logged in and it worked! yay!

    Anyways, nice to see you guys, I doubt anyone from 2006 is here, nor would it matter as I only made a few posts and therefore wouldn't really now you... well anyways what I kinda wanted to ask is, can I change my user name? I really don't agree with my current one as it doesn't make any sense, I dunno what I was thinking when I chose it back when I made this account :/

    Okay, well I should introduce myself, I'm 18, attending my final year of high school and I'm half Viet and German. I enjoy anime, movies, hanging out with some of my friends, gaming or anime forums, and self bondage. Hope to make new friends here :3

    But I'm serious, , is there any way I could get my name changed, as this is sorta ridiculous and I don't really want to make a new account. I've been going by D2Girls since 2008 or so I think, it would be great if an admin or moderator could do that :3

    See you around.

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    Re: ohai guise I'm new whatsup

    No longer a Sgt. Frog fan? Or just because you don't like it as a username?

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