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Thread: Ohey look, I found a new site..

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    Ohey look, I found a new site..

    I'm Blau (obviously). I uh... yeah... I'm a newbie. I've had experience with a different site, kind of similar to this one. I'm hoping to be able to find whatever chat this site has... someone tell me the link? If there is one?

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    Re: Ohey look, I found a new site..

    Hi, Blau!
    Blau means blue in german ... Is that coincidence you're calling yourself blau?
    Anyway, nice to have you around here.
    Uhm and there is no chat. Not one I'd be aware of at least. Though you can communicate with other members by either private messaging them or sending visitor messages. If you've any other questions, don't hesitate and ask people around here.
    As always, I'd suggest you take a look at those rules here, to avoid getting into trouble with the mods around here. Just for safety.
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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