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Thread: Okay, so I'm totally new here...

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    Okay, so I'm totally new here...

    So...where should I start?

    Hi, everyone! My name is Shiryu.

    I stumbled upon Anime Online completely by accident, during one of my Google-surfing times. And it seems like this place is interesting, so I decided to join, and hopefully make friends here and there.

    Obviously, I like anime, and I watch plenty of them on a weekly basis, and even read some ongoing manga. However, I also like watching a few other Japanese media that don't belong in either anime or manga, such as live-action shows (commonly known as tokusatsu).

    With that being said, I sure hope I get to be close with you guys, and I'll do my very best to follow the rules and regulations here (I'll do my very best, but I'm still human, prone to errors).
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    Re: Okay, so I'm totally new here...

    hello and welcome so you can have at leas one friend im ading you to my friend list ok see you arounf and have fun

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