chanel bags Mountain Lion includes a new feature called Gatekeeper that bydefault will let users install only software downloaded from theMac App Store -- the Apple-curated market that debuted in January2011 -- or signed with certificates Apple provides free-of-chargeto registered developers. Gatekeeper is Apple's reaction to last year's spread of the Mac Defender malware, which wastucked into fake security software: Gatekeeper will prevent such"scareware" from ending up on Macs. "Starting with Flash Player 11.3, Adobe has started signingreleases for Mac OS X using an Apple Developer ID certificate,"said Brad Arkin, Adobe's senior director of security, products andservices, on a company blog today. "Therefore, if the Gatekeeper setting is set to 'Mac AppStore and identified developers,' end-users will be able to installFlash Player without being blocked." Because Flash is not distributed through Apple's desktop appmarket, if users set Gatekeeper to the most restrictive option --"Mac App Store" -- they won't be able to install or update FlashPlayer. Flash Player was upgraded Friday to version 11.3 for Windows and OSX, to 11.2 for Linux and to 11.1 for Android.

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