g the birds is air travel safety.

"Air travel is the primary reason for them to get rid of the geese," he explained. "The effect on the marshland is a secondary concern."

The birds live around Jamaica Bay all year round and differ from migratory Canada geese in that they only visit the bay in the spring and fall during their migration. The resident population was brought to the bay decades ago from the Midwest for hunters, but have adapted to the area. They often show up on front lawns of homes in the Rockaways and Howard Beach and can be seen along trails in the wildlife refuge. Fish and Wildlife Services, which manages geese under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

The USDA has also targeted Canada geese populations near LaGuardia Airport.

At Canada Goose noir femme Rikers Island, Wildlife Service staff parka femme Canada Goose began egg treatment in 2001 and capture removal in 2004. Each year, the number of eggs to be oiled and the number of resident Canada geese to be removed has decreased. In 2009, additional habitat management took place. There have been only two Canada goose strikes at LaGardia including the US Airways Flight 1549 incident since September 2004.

"Studies are showing decreased strikes at airports with wildlife hazard management," Bannerman said.

Some animal rights advocates have protested the slaughter, calling it unfair and inhumane, and Riepe said magasin Canada Goose children around Jamaica Bay often feed the geese.

"They definitely have their constituents too," Riepe said. "I'm glad people are concerned about wildlife and holding government agencies accountable, but we understand the danger posed to air travel."?James Bay geese disperse inland as snow and ice gone

A Canada goose expert says the small number of geese seen by hunters on the James Bay coast this year is not due to a population decrease, but rather to the warm winter seen across the North.

Jack Hughes, a waterfowl biologist with Environment Canada, says that the warm winter on the coast has resulted Canada Goose discount in less snow and ice cover on ?parka Canada Goose chateau the bird's breeding grounds than wha

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