So armed my little checklist of things to look for on a counterfeit ergo baby carrier , I waited patiently for my ebay purchase of a new designer ergobaby carrier in Innsbruck. I knew from the start that I was taking a risk, but I looked for a buyer that clearly had good feedback and a return policy just in case. After getting my carrier I excitedly went through my checklist and was feeling safer by the minute. It was so nice and super soft. After using it for a week I started to notice 2 things that sent up red flags and so I decided to contact Ergobaby directly. I had registered my carrier on their website so I thought I wouldn't have any problems...although in the back of my head I was already preparing for what she was going to tell me. My precious Ergobaby carrier was an impostor! No way!! I had spent hours researching, but I did notice I could find no information on this particular model of Ergos. It appears these fakers have gotten so good, its nearly impossible to tell unless you have them both in your hand at the same time. So I decided to contact the seller where he agreed to give me $145 to purchase a Authentic Ergobaby carrier and I got him to let me keep the knock-off so that I may do this blog. I just got my ergo baby australia
from an approved vendor on their list and here is what I found........

My next and final Ed Flag was the safety elastic on the waist belt and shoulder belt began to stretch out and have a ruffled appearance. This being a "Safety" elastic, I knew for sure that this could in no way be an authentic ergobaby. I was really mad since I had sat there with my little checklist of things and at very first glance, thought I had the real thing. You can see clearly the defective area. Note also that the real ergobaby has placed their elastic right at the edge where as the fakes is about an inch into the belt. This would be one of the things I check in the future to verify authenticity.Below is another fake ergo carrier I got as a handme down. Not knowing the brand much at the time, I loved it until the straps started to tear. Only when I went to sell it did I realize it want an baby carrier reviews
. Now having had these experiences, its very obvious on this carrier. The logo looks similar but it clearly says "The Ergo Baby" on it If you found this information helpful in anyway, could you please stop by Facebook and vote for my kids 1st day of school pic! Your time would be super appreciated. Just click and vote...very quick
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