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Thread: This pleasure is mine.

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    This pleasure is mine.

    hello everyone. i am new here of course. this site is really awesome. i can let people know how i feel and they won't judge, i hope. well okay i guess that is it? uh yeah, even here i'm not very social. sorry.
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    Re: This pleasure is mine.

    Few things.

    You might be special to some posters here, but to most(including me) you arn't any different than any other new member that just joined up. If you want to be special then you have to post meaningful responses. If you do like most of the other members here you will be lost in the sea of spam and forgotten.(you can replace the word 'members' with the word 'idiot')

    The other thing is that you will be judged, it happens whenever you make contact with anyone else. Just try not to let it get to you.

    Oh, welcome to AO. I hope you enjoy your stay. PM me if have any questions. God knows Im bored enough.
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    Re: This pleasure is mine.

    Hi welcome to anime online. Private message me if you want to talk or have a question. By the way being shy isn't a bad thing. As long as you are your self then who cares what anyone else things. Hope you enjoy your stay at AO.
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