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Thread: *Pokes Everyone in the Kidney* Hi =D

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    *Pokes Everyone in the Kidney* Hi =D

    Ello peoples who I don't know but would like to know. ^^ I'm cherry but you can call me Carrot...or anything you want I really don't care
    I like anime but I don't get a chance to watch it much so I just take up my time reading manga and such. Right now I'm addicted to Laon and Immortal Regis, they're awesome. :O
    I think I might like it here the site looks cool, I'm just not a big fan of the predetermined avatars so I might not have one or somethi-omg Kiba! xD
    My favorite animes are Wolf's Rain...duh Loveless D Gray man and FMA for right now at least it changes alot. :O
    Also I like cookies and pie. And I like music, I listen to Rock, Metal, Hard Core and Screamo my favorite band is Alesana but I have a wide variety of bands I also like. :3
    Meepz so thats me...I think....hmmm....>.< Yah thats me alright x3

    Oh I also like Video Games, I love Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy and Katamari, I really like rpg's and the game I'm playing now is Enchanted Arms.
    I also like writing fanfics and poems but I only do one at a time and only if i want to. :3
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