louis vuitton handbags Known for its serene beauty, Shimla and its surrounding places such as- Naldehra, Manali, Kullu, Tattapani, Narkanda, etc are worth visiting. These are some of the most sought after destinations among domestic and international tourists or visitors. Shimla was once considered the summer capital of India. Visit to this beautiful place is just incomplete without a pleasant stay in nearby hotels that best matches your budget.

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michael kors outlet online Every idea and its utility is based on a hypothesis and if the hypothesis is accepted as ‘useful and right’, the idea automatically has larger utility and fruition. The hypothesis may in itself be accepted as ‘primary fact’ or the ‘seed-realism’ and then, it facilitates building up the subsequent and organic factuality and realisms. The hypothesis is – The contemporary worldview/world-order and popular cultural edifices are bound to have a major and even diametrically opposite paradigm shift in next three-four decades as what they are based on, the 3Cs – Consciousness-Cognition-Causality. And, they are in for new definition. All major questions of humanity - life and living, purpose and utility, right and wrong, ends and means, etc, which essentially decide the broad culture we live in and personal/social goals of life, we set for ourselves, have so far been answered by three broad wings of human wisdom – Philosophy, Religion and Psychology. Science is a late and elusive entrant, amenable only for a few. The existing culture is based on archetypal human wisdom, provided by the trio of philosophy-religion-psychology, which accepted the cardinal parameters of 3Cs in a way, which is now declared either inappropriate/wrong or insufficient and based on instinctive observatory presumptions. As humanity is now fast being equipped with measurable, provable, replicable and objective as well as singular factuality of scientific knowledge, the entire edifice of existing culture and its parameters/benchmarks is now questionable – hence the utility and worth of new-thinking. The new age thinking, based on objective facts has made good headway, still, very few people actually have access to it, still fewer people have the courage to accept them as their consciousness-cognition-causality is still in grip of archetypes. It is actually very tough to come out of archetypal 3Cs and accept the new-thinking. This hypothesis engenders the need, utility and fruition of a new idea, based on what new knowledge about the 3Cs provides us. This new idea is being accepted, and currently experimented with, by a handful of evolved and rational minds, mostly in developed parts of the globe. The idea is - we need to be the pioneers in what the world shall finally accept and come to in next 50 years. Those, who have the idea and the wherewithal to be one and do so, must do it now. It is an affectionate, compassionate and humbly innocent invite for all like-minded people. Since long, when no civilization and culture was there on earth, humanity attempted to fix answers emerging from three domains (3Cs): - CONSCIOUSNESS – Who we are and why? COGNITION – Why and how we see and accept what? CAUSALITY – what, why and how is our relationships with things around us? Thousands of years back, humanity answered the questions on the basis of what they observed and accepted as true, as per their presumptive judgments and existing knowledge. These answers had almost no or little actual/objective/provable basis yet, they seemed true and right. Some greats however, picked up the right observations and made some real good judgments. They are still treasured. These ‘presumptive judgments’ based answers became the basis of human civilization and culture, which in time degenerated to good extent. We all have inherited and our mind consciousnesses have been trained since ages to accept them as true and right. The real wisdom gradually got lost and is now confined in some books only. Essentially, most of the answers we accept about key questions of life and living, purpose and utility, right and wrong, ends and means, success and failures, etc. are stale and now redundant benchmarks and edifices of an age-old culture and value-summation, which stands to lose grounds as they have no/little measurable, provable, replicable and objective as well as singular basis. Humanity observed the sun rise in east and set in west and accepted that Sun revolves round the earth. It took thousands of years for humanity to correct this notion. Still, almost most of the success benchmarks and popular cultural ideologies of goodness-wellness-righteousness-utility-fruition, which we all happily accept, are archetypal and based only on illogical ‘observations’ of factuality, like above, sans objective and actual basis. The interesting fact is, still majority of humanity believes Sun is actually revolving round earth and worship it as ‘primary god’. Consciousness, Cognition and Causality benchmarks and actuality for humanity have evolved hugely, like the truth about the Sun. Still, only a handful accepts the ‘new-age’ realisms and factuality about them. Those who are fortunate to have evolved their lives along with the evolution of new-knowledge’, they have embarked on a new life-journey, rejecting the archetypal cultural and societal benchmarks of utility and fruition. Of course, not rejecting the ‘golden-moralities’. Science is often labeled as killer of morality. It is not. The sad and unfortunate fact is – only .1 percent population of world knows and accepts this new-age thinking about the 3Cs. The good fact to rejoice about is, we are surely among this miniscule .1 percent, immodesty be pardoned! Now, the issue at hand is – WHAT WE IDEALLY NEED TO DO? Let us first talk about the human paradox. It helps in understanding and ascertaining ‘the idealism of needs’.

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