put a cow field.The president is a 50-year-old old man, wear on heap of face kindly, not and tightly and not and slowly answer, this is that the eldest brother is difficult, should the ways using all used, the grandfather dies son, have no Jiu.This is easy, hand over to me!Is you all right?The president lakers jersey is silent a short while, say, go where, young man, establish an environment whole cure a group, you are a senior clerk.The small matter son is 1.Chen Pi describes with a delicate touch ground should.At this time, a chicken just right one Ye one come over here, on Chen Pi's shoe Zhuo one mouth, Chen Pi complies with the surrounding one feet of raising and rolls to turn over after kicking the chicken.The chicken climbs break out of from afar, a few chicken hairs are floating.
He covers up head in ?liberation report ? and seem to don't hear the question that you is talking, or don't answer you?These are the normal phenomenon that comprehends very easily:The male's brain is been divided into several part of, a can complete an affair.Is contrary, female can simultaneously clean west bottle gourd part chat with her good friend on the shoulder the telephone.In the language, female ratio males are much 30% nerve dollars.If want to carry on with a men's conversation smoothly, will patiently listen, don't interrupt him, because while expressing what, the man's thinking can not interrupted.To want to arouse his attention choose that more leisure time(for example, time have a meal ) directly puts forward the topic that you hope to discuss:"I have a matter to want to say to you, I hope that you hard listen to me saying."Avoid saying words like this:"You had fun last night well?"Otherwise, he in the brain the friend who would appear to meet last night, but can't return to the topic that you hope to discuss forever up.?
"Being very happy can have the opportunity to directly talk with you.This really come it not easy, therefore, I want to well make use of this opportunity and talk more some problems that physically operate aspect Authentic Bulls black red Jerseys with you as far as possible.If the words of your any questions please ask at any time."
Li Da Dun's arch painfully looking at drawer the top seriously transforms of lock nose, the spirit doesn't beat a :Ma Xiao jumps Ma Xiao jump, you small age, thief Michael Jordan Red Jersey Dan pack day, see how I tidy up you!Li Da Dun Jiao tooth top and bottom Ke Ke, suddenly and violently rise two meat egg son on the Sai, vinegar Bo sort big of the fist swayed to sway and held the joints Luo Zhi Luo Paul Pierce Jerseys Zhi ring.Li Da Dun Jiao turns round the class doorway that the Shan jumps to Ma Xiao, stretches a head and casts covetous eyes on to search Ma Xiao to jump.T

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