Ultimately the teleprompter criticism boils down to people having a problem with the idea that a president or candidate has prepared remarks in advance and, perhaps, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale 50% Off Only $19.99. done so with assistance. When we're talking about the presidency and the bully pulpit, care and skill in selecting the right words are admirable and necessary qualities. And preparing remarks ahead of time allows the president's staff to make sure he's got the facts on his side.
But using speechwriters and preparing speeches ahead of time doesn't make Obama (or any of his dozen immediate predecessors) a cipher regurgitating "somebody else's words." When a president delivers a speech, putting the authority of his office behind those words, ray ban sunglasses. he takes ownership of them. And no president (or competent candidate) is a passive recipient of a script foisted on them by speechwriters or other aides. Good speechwriters help their boss elevate his or her voice, not reinvent it.
It's a strange obsession because it's inane. Teleprompters are tools. Sure they're high tech if you've just emerged from the 1950s (which might explain the GOP's fascination with them), but ultimately they're just a medium for prepared remarks, cheap ray ban sunglasses. substantively no different from a sheet of paper on a lectern. A teleprompter can't magically imbue a poor speech with additional spellbinding qualities. Criticizing someone for using a teleprompter is like berating him for using a microphone, or arguing that there's something wrong with writing on a word processor rather than with a quill and ink.
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On one level, he was attacking former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, cheap ray ban sunglasses. the (still, really) GOP front-runner. You can hear galled frustration in Santorum's dismissal of "reading somebody else's words." He speaks conservatism as a native but he is being lambasted as too moderate by a coreless conservative of convenience mouthing paint-by-the-numbers platitudes (provided by a campaign speechwriter whose 2008 client was vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin). Somebody else's words, indeed.
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But on a broader level, Santorum was also attacking President Obama, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale 50% Off Only $19.99. taking a peculiar GOP condition to its logical, if extreme, conclusion. I refer to Teleprompter Derangement Syndrome, or Prompterphobia. It is the most consistent and mystifying attack the right levels against Obama. It has induced Newt Gingrich to vow to let Obama have a teleprompter in the Lincoln-Douglas debates the former speaker wants. It's why Santorum has referred to the president as the "reader in chief." It has spurred a cottage industry of gag websites and led Arkansas GOP Rep. Steve Womack last year to propose eliminating funding for Obama's teleprompter as a budget-cutting measure.
Campaigning in Mississippi recently, the former Pennsylvania senator asserted that "when you run for president of the United States, ray ban sunglasses cheap. it should be illegal to read off a teleprompter. Because all you're doing is reading somebody else's words to people."
Teleprompters are tools that every president since Dwight Eisenhower has used, some with greater comfort than others. Richard Nixon preferred to memorize outlines and then speak without prepared remarks on hand; Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush liked to work off note cards; Obama seems most comfortable in front of a teleprompter. In all cases, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale 50% Off Only $19.99. the medium is not the message—the message is the message.
Conservatives who deride Obama's teleprompter as a crutch, without which he would be helpless, ray ban sale. seem unaware that virtually all modern presidential remarks are prepared in advance. The main difference with Obama involves stagecraft: A teleprompter is a visible reminder of this preparation as opposed to a typed speech sitting on the lectern.