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Thread: Re-Introduction Can I?

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    Re-Introduction Can I?

    Wow its Been 5 Years since i've been gone on this site that i love so much, i love Making Fanfics, back then if many of you dont know im writing A Fanfic here

    Please Kiss Me
    [Please Kiss me!]

    and The Last one is

    Sayonara Tenshi
    Sayonara Tenshi I

    Both are Unfinished, because something happened, Im not able to Use A Computer for almost a Year and i totally Forgot About the Site and About the Fanfic that i've been writing,. many things happened and Changed.

    I Think its destiny that i stumbled again on this site. Many Ideas have Been Running up on my mind, and i've been itching to Write some fanfics again.if you dont mind .

    Nice to be Back again and see the Site still Alive. Wow

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    Re: Re-Introduction Can I?

    yo, welcome back!!!

    the site will never die, well i hope not
    Hey, i do knight rituals now, just ask me and you can be a knight of Dalmasca

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