Hi, Names Salvador but I like going by Sorrow since I'm going to change my name to that anyway.... Yeah. So, I'm creating the Guild Aurelius in Minneapolis and I'm searching for people nearby that want to Join the Family.

Our goal is to be the kind of people we want to see in this world. Jobs/Missions will be to Volunteer for homeless, families, shelters etc etc,..

Of course we're going to try to make it big together and get our name out there as the kind of people who are really 'Altruistic'(google for definition >.>). We're going to be kind to any and all while having fun with our private family of ours. I'm going to save up as much as I can to rent or buy a building to become our base of operations and to house members of the guild(member dorms). I know wveryone thinks of this as boring to want to help others for nothing in return but the reward is each other. Of course there will be some Missions that will be profitable for whoever takes the Job but our goal isn't for money. I have a lot of planning and saving to do but I've already started the first Phase of the Guild which is to volunteer and recruit members. The guild contains only a male friend and myself mainly because I jsut started it a few days ago but I have made it my Life's goal to make us big and am dedicating all my money and effort into making a place that can be called a family, one that works for the good of anything. The Jobs will start from things as little as Looking for a Dog because of a poster on a pole to Volunteering at shelters by giving out food, emergencies, etc. We'll have fundraising for our Guild so we can go to movies or other activities along with paying the Guild rent when we have a building haha and buying furniture, tv's etc... Your all anime fans so look at what a Guild really is. A True Guild os a place that will always be the home of it's members, a place where they can be themselves at and work as a team to accomplish anything. If you have anymore questions or anything about what we're going to do and move forward to getting like dorms etc just email me at [email protected] I'm Guild Master of 'Aurelius'.