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'Gossip Girl' March 2010 Episode Preview
Saying he can't give much on your plot he's directing, McCarthy gave slightly hint "Except, theres a '9 1/2 Weeks' types of thing location available as one story line." The mentioned film is considered the 1986 drama starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger who play wealthy business man remarkable erotic secret affair respectively.
"Gossip Girl" hints on its 2010 preview that each one of became a little a lot easier within your Upper East Side came from here, stating "good things happen to the people who wait". The drama takes Winter break to be back on March 8 with all the episode "Jenny, An excellent source of Grace". During January and February, the show are at rest because "Life Unexpected" is taken its 9/8c slot.
On another news, actor Andrew McCarthy is onboard the show to direct an instalment airing in Spring. On why he landed what pleases time for his roots on "Gossip", McCarthy told People, "They [the cast] are usually more savvy than we [Brat Pack] were. I was basically range of dumb kids seen."