Executive, business or performance coaching can be simply described as helping someone to learn in order to improve their performance. It is usually a one-to-one activity and is not about issuing instructions but is about helping, showing, giving feedback, explaining and encouraging.

Coaching recognises that most development takes place on the job and that often real learning requires a demanding task or problem to be tackled. The process requires regular and effective contact between coach and client and a recognition that all sorts of occasions - ranging from a change in the 'coachee's' job to gearing up for a specific project - may require this sort of intervention.

Coaching recognises that the coachee already has the vast majority of answers/facts and the coach's role is to stimulate that knowledge/learning and allow the coachee to unlock and achieve their true potential. As a coach, leader or manager it can be as simple as asking your colleague one single question so they can engage their brain and learn. One question is all it takes for the coach to be inspirational

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