ray ban sunglasses sale But, one does not expect a Lexus radiator of 2012 vintage to start leaking before its predicted life is complete. You may not be so lucky with your 1969 Dodge Monaco though. Should this beauty develop a radiator leak you will want a immediately. Fortunately, there are radiator companies that supply car radiators of practically all brands and their various models. The radiator for replacement for the RX 350 engine with 3.5l capacity is an aluminum core, plastic radiator with the specification S 8294A. You can order the replacement radiator by paying only a small percentage of its standard price. If your Monaco needs a radiator there are two radiators that can come in handy. The two radiators have the specifications S 0332 3AA and S 0332AA. Both of these are cheap radiators. They also come with a standard one-year warranty and you can also opt for a lifetime warranty or a warranty for 3 years if you like.
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