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ray ban sunglasses As the major automotive group 2011 sales performance of released in succession, the latest global car enterprises ranked "fresh baked". According to the enterprise to released the latest cart data show that general motors to as high as 9.03 million vehicles to retake the sales of the champions. And for three years the world upon the throne of the first sales volume occupies 5.6% less than the previous year, Toyota, only 7.95 million cars, pushed third.2011 the global pattern changeThe data shows, gm last year 9.026 million cars sold in title, the public is to 8.16 million cars in the number two, Toyota sales dropped 6% year-on-year, because to 7.95 million cars have slipped to third place.In fact, early in the first half of last year, Toyota's global sales ranking went down to the third, and the gap between the gm reached more than 80 vehicles. Toyota slipped to third place, also is the Toyota sold more than 2003 years since the world since ford, first fell out of the world's top two.In 2011, before the global sixteenth central committee, is only Toyota motor sales down there. And in a second the Volkswagen and the gap between the general reached 860000 units, and become a global car industry in recent years the champions league and battle against the largest disparities once.General motors because the United States and China, the two big market sales growth, to return to the sales champion. To retake the global sales champion, this to run into bankruptcy protection g.m. sense. After two years ago after bankruptcy reorganization, general motors finally achieved a rebirth.2010 ford sold worldwide place is beyond the 4 modern kia automobile group, last year's sales hit a record high, up 14.8%, become the top ShiZhong sales increase the fastest car companies.The personage inside course of analysis, thinks that in 2011 the global car pattern changes, mainly because Toyota in Japan for earthquake and Thailand floods and influence. Of course, compared with natural disasters, the Japanese yen appreciation to the influence of such as Toyota system more profound significance.The Chinese market into InternetBe worth what carry is, "the Chinese market performance" directly determine the cart enterprises in the global ranking changes.The data shows, in the top five of the global car enterprises, general motors, Volkswagen, Renault and nissan modern kia four enterprise in China market has made the world's first big market performance. In fact, China is not only the general motors, Volkswagen, nissan brands in the world such as the single market, even Mercedes, BMW, audi luxury brand in China have also made a startling sales.China and other emerging countries the strong performance of market in recent years, let each big car companies have started to fight.It is reported, general plan to 2015, in the Chinese market won the 5 million car sales; Toyota will in 2012 sales of the expected it at 8.48 million vehicles, at the same time, it also established a for emerging market sales plan, and expected sales in emerging markets will make up 50% of the total sales of Toyota, and at present the ratio is about 40%.The public is planning to 2015, in the Chinese market to sales to 3 million cars, also plans to 2018 car sales in the double to 1 million vehicles, by 2018 the global auto sales hit 10 million units.In 2011, the top five car enterprises in China and salesGlobal ranking global sales (a) car enterprises name China sales (a) China market positionThe first 903 general motors 254.7 firstThe second 816 Volkswagen 226 firstThe third 795 Toyota 88.3 the thirdThe fourth 739 nissan Renault 127.4 firstThe fifth 659 modern kia 123.8 first
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