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Thread: Sam “The Avenger”

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    Re: Sam “The Avenger”

    Well welcome to AO!!!!!hope you like it here..oh and don't forget the rules!!!pm anytime you want to talk!!!!

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    Àddïctëd tø |ăüghïñg :) Sonny Sunshine Champion, Volcano Champion, Aquarium Sprengischen Champion, Spiderman Web of Words Champion, Look Alive Champion iluvmyloser is off to a good start iluvmyloser's Avatar
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    Re: Sam “The Avenger”

    hello!!!! NICE TO MEET YOU!!!!I AM THE PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i would love to be friends and if you need help with anything or just to talk pm me!!!!!!read the rules otherwise risk being banned kk?ciao !!!!!!!!^^
    Yeah, Bye.

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