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Thread: Seeking space robotics ideas

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    Thumbs up Seeking space robotics ideas

    Dear friend of anime online,
    I am an aerospace engineer, working on satellite robotics etc...
    It could be a weird question, but...does anybody has a weird idea on something that could be made by a robot in the space?
    I mean I need a cool idea to start inventing something. All I did since now started from ideas inspired by every day life and any idea could be of inspiration for me.
    I think also it would be cool to read about ideas realistic or not, doesn't matter (my job is making projecting thinks that before use to look unrealistic)

    Thanks for your interest!


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    Re: Seeking space robotics ideas

    Welcome to AO
    Hope you have fun
    Read the rules
    Hope ta see ya bout ^_^
    maybe making a auto-waker-upper robot? (aka pitcher of ice water(hope you find people
    who have more ideas then me lol)
    death and life are one and the same

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