Speak with Me with words upon screen,
like silent whispers my thoughts to you
like subtle caress upon ear, subtle touch
upon mind.
Be cautioned though, for darkness will seduce
and entice you cross that fine line drawn
between genius and madness. Now come dance
a dance of intellect and intensity, of anime and philosophy
imagination and insanity. Satisify curiosity,
and come play with Me.
-KnightShade, random intro

Just made that up on the spot, not my best but it works.

This is a section from my author page, good quick way to get a general idea of Me:
I am an aspiring writer going against big odds armed with bigger dreams, a romantic man with a cold heart and a mind burned by passion's fire. Love's mad desire causes my spirit to tire yet forever is my mind the best flier in mindscape skies.I'm an obsessive champion of Truth-yet my whole life is built up on lies. I am a villain to some, a hero to few, and nothing to most. I'm an optimistic realist and a rather violent-minded pacifist.I'm a religious leader with no followers and a follower with no leader.I'm always at home yet I am always wandering. I'm King of My world-and court jester of yours. Genius cloaked in madness or clever mask of sanity? Your guess, my only answer. But in truth, totally, I am nothing more then another fool, lost and lonely...
Soul Searching...
Can you find it within me...?


Let me introduce myself proper, I am Knightshade to the general online community-truth told I prefer it to my birth name. My offline friends call me Dirk, and my more dramatic friends and fellow pirates(long story) call me Draven or Captain Draven. I have a lot more names then that, but those will do. I am eager to meet anyone and everyone on this site and invite anyone interested to engage me in conversation on just about any subject, mostly anime related though considering the site. I enjoy dissecting stories and meanings of animes and the favorites on my profile are a good place to start if you are interested in that. My greatest attribute is at times the most trying for those that know me-my intensity and passion. I can never JUST do something. I am very fascinated with poetry and madness as expressed by the quick skit that started out this post however I feel that I am only good at the madness part with my writing abilities lying mostly with short stories and hopefully soon novels. The concept of silent whispers is actually an on going thing with me if you are curious about that. I am interested in making good friends and anime buddies as a part of this anime family so here is hoping things will go well. Also, I am an experienced RPer as I noticed this site has some of that if anyone wants to contact me about that.
Anyone who replies to this thread is awesome by the way as I have pointed out I am eager to exchange thoughts on things and to do that need to meet new people. So again, hello family!!!
Now I shall end with an anime quote:
"If we all reacted the same way, we'd be predictable, and there's always more than one way to view a situation. What's true for the group is also true for the individual. It's simple: overspecialize, and you breed in weakness. It's slow death." Ghost In The Shell, Anime