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Thread: simple intro .. may take u into

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    there.! :P
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    simple intro .. may take u into

    hey everyone.! my name is hard-to-pronounce

    haha .. jusk kidding .. that would be impossible ryt.?

    my name here is benjodark200 .. as the name implies .. it realated in my real name ..


    Name: Ruben John Frago
    Nickname: Benjo (ruBEN JOhn .. gets.?)
    Age: 13
    Sex: Male
    Bday: just ask me .. i'll tell you .. ^_^
    Country: Philippines
    Religion: Catholic

    as you can see .. i live in philippines .. and i can speak filipino words .. ^_^

    [Personal Info]

    Interests: surf net .. read book .. play games .. solve rubix cube .. answer sudoku ..
    Favorite Anime: many to mention.!~
    Favorite Drama: Devil Beside Me and Fated to Love You
    Favorite Game: Audition Philippines .. O2Jam .. Atelier Iris 2 and 3 .. Shinig Force EXA .. Disgaea 2 .. and many more.! ^_^
    Favorite Music: many to mention.!
    Favorite TV Shows: hmm .. anything i guess ..
    Favorire Movies: Titanic .. Benchwarmers ..
    Favorite Books: True Philippine Ghost Stories (yeah .. i'm collection them) and Brain Teasers for Mathematic Students
    Favorite Quotes: You will gain nothing if you always lie you someone ..

    That's all .. if you really want to know me .. became friends with me .. chat etc. ^_^

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    Re: simple intro .. may take u into

    Welcome to AO, hope you like it here
    Have fun, make friends & cya around
    Nice introduction btw!
    "If you do not believe in yourself, hardwork is useless"
    "Might Gai" from "Naruto"

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    Re: simple intro .. may take u into

    Very detail intorduction benjodark200 well here is my intorduction.
    I'm SelfTorment age 18
    I like anime and manga
    That is about how far my intorduction goes.
    Well its good to meet you welcome to AO and have a nice time here.

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    Re: simple intro .. may take u into

    Hi!! I'm nice to meet you!!Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee

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    Re: simple intro .. may take u into

    Hello welcome! I talk to people in the Philipines all the time, needless to say I don't prefer to talk to most of them because of the langauge gap. Which causes huge problems in the communications world. However your English seems to be really good.

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